"Piper included in PC Magazine's 11 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Want to Code list"
December 11, 2017
"2017 Technology Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids"
December 02, 2017
"23 STEM toys that will excite and educate kids of every age"
November 28, 2017
"Parents search for toys that make learning math, science fun"
December 03, 2017
"See Piper's founder, Mark Pavlyukovskyy on Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Education"
"Kids on the phone too much playing Minecraft? Have them build a computer (easier than it sounds), then modify it to advance through different stages of the popular game."
December 01, 2016
"Talk about STEM-friendly! Kids can bolster their coding and electronics skills while also learning how to problem-solve. Next, they'll be fixing your broken TV."
December 19, 2016
"Kids can get their coding game on with Piper. The ultimate DIY for little engineers who love "Minecraft," "
December 06, 2016
"The deepest learning is multi-sensory, and interactive: You probably don't remember anything from your biology class but you will never forget the time you dissected the smelly frog. For technology, the ideas are inherently very abstract, which makes it difficult for young learners to truly engage with the information and make it their own. Piper is designed to engage all senses in the learning experience: you build a physical computer with your hands and then engage with programming and engineering concepts through a Minecraft-like 3D game environment which makes abstract concepts of loops, variables, conditionals and current tangible and interactive. The Piper computer kit is based on work that my co-founder, Joel Sadler did for his PhD at Stanford focusing on empowering kids to create technology."
September 13, 2014
"To start making a difference, students should first "find something that bothers you on a very personal level," she said. "
May 03, 2016
"Piper Computer Kit helps kids learn that the machines aren’t magic"
April 26, 2017
"We believe that giving kids an opportunity to become creators rather than consumers, and to do it through a game they already understand and love, is a powerful way to replace screen-time with build-time"
March 16, 2015
"The Piper Raspberry Pi Minecraft computer kit allows children as young as six to build their own computer. Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak are among the fans of Piper's DIY kit."
November 23, 2016
"A computer kit that provides STEM learning through Minecraft"
December 29, 2016
"With Piper, we can turn Minecraft into something more exciting. The kit lets kids create circuits in real life and then see how they interact in Minecraft. It lets you, for example, add a battery and a button to a breadboard and see those parts pop up on the screen."
September 21, 2015
"Silicon Valley Startups Turn to Chinese Backers for Funds"
April 18, 2017
"This is some next-level Minecraft action that the most hardcore fans in this world will be able to truly devour and appreciate. Just so long as they recognize that they're going to need to work for it."
July 06, 2016
""I've been seriously impressed with this Piper set. From my first impression of its extremely appealing Minecraft style box, through the build and execution of its software, it has been a great family bonding experience. The boys have learned lots, we've shared something great together and it continues to teach them about coding and electronics."
June 24, 2016
"Build your own computer with today’s Daily Deal, the Piper Computer Kit."
November 01, 2016
"Piper's creators were hoping to build a more productive way for kids to play Minecraft at home. But at least at this school, it may have found a home right here in the classroom. "
March 01, 2015
"The Piper Computer Kit is a fantastic, fun gateway into the world of PC hardware and programming. "
"Those initial few pilots taught us the two mantras of Piper — 1) kids love Minecraft, and 2) kids don’t want to be told what to do."
March 09, 2015
"I was surrounded by special people — role models who lifted me up and made me feel like being a woman wasn’t a disadvantage in STEM. The fact that these people exist shows me that STEM has made incredible progress in closing the gender divide."
May 30, 2015
"If you can't tear the kids away from Minecraft, then you need to put the electronics into Minecraft is the thinking here."
November 27, 2015
"But engineering — especially electrical — is full of failure modes. And failure can disrupt the flow, unless you have the tools to solve the FAIL. Piper is the first electronics kit that begins to offer such tools."
January 05, 2016
"The idea for Piper came originally from Bose's cofounder, Mark Pavlyukovskyy, a recent Princeton graduate who was sending Raspberry Pi kits to kids in Africa as an inexpensive way for them to learn about technology."
March 11, 2015
"Knowing that our future relies on kids understanding the tools they use day-in and day-out, the Piper teams wants “kids to look at technology and be able to deconstruct it and reconstruct it in a way that can be better, more efficient, and really innovative to improve the world.”"
March 08, 2015
"For many, they had played regular Minecraft, and were fans, but modifying it by adding your own real gadgets was a novel concept, and excited them. Many kids had never built anything physical prior to Piper, and they got excited because it showed them that the in-game possibilities were endless."
March 18, 2015